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Safety Issues When Caring for a Person with Dementia

Dementia is a disorder that affects a person’s mental health and cognition such as memory and reasoning.

According to the WHO, over 50 million people have dementia worldwide with nearly 10 million new cases per year. It is one of the major causes of disability and dependency among older people worldwide.

To this day there is no cure to dementia and with their memory, thinking, and behavior deteriorating dementia patients require constant care and monitoring.

We at Anova Health Care System can provide Home Care in Pennsylvania for you or your loved ones suffering from dementia.

Wondering what safety issues dementia care may entail? The Alzheimer’s Association lists the following safety issues when caring for a person with dementia:

  • Self-careAs their memory, thinking, and behavior deteriorates, self-care becomes impossible. Hiring professionals for their personal care services becomes a necessity.

  • FallsTheir sensitivity to light, the contrast between colors or depth perception may change and affect their balance which increases the risk of falling.

  • WanderingConfusion and agitation can cause people with dementia to wander and get lost.

  • Isolation and lonelinessIt is common for patients to feel isolated or withdrawn upon diagnosis and as dementia progresses.

Caring for people with dementia may be daunting. Don’t be afraid to educate yourself about it and seek help. Come and talk to us if you are in need of Home Health Care in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Other than home health care, we also provide hospice services 100% covered under Medicare and many other insurance plans. Whether you need care in the comfort of your own residence, assisted living or long-term care residence, our team of professionals and volunteers can provide you with the full range service of Hospice in Pittsburgh.

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