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Hospice & Palliative


Hospice care provides compassionate support for terminally ill patients and those they love as they approach the end of their life. Hospice care can benefit patients by providing relief from symptoms and pain while offering a greater sense of personal wellbeing. At Anova Hospice, we ensure that terminally ill patients and their loved ones receive dignified, compassionate care that promotes comfort and dignity as they enter the last chapter of their life story. 

The Hospice Team assists family members in caring for their loved one in the comfortable and familiar surroundings of their own home whenever possible. Anova Hospice not only focuses on the special needs of the patient, but also provides support to their families. With our team of medical professionals, Anova Hospice strives to meet the physical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs of both the family and the patient.

Anova Hospice recognizes that everyone is a unique individual. With the expert guidance and counseling of our Hospice Team, Patient and families can make their own decisions about what is important to them. Anova Hospice respects the decisions of the family, and helps to create and atmosphere of understanding acceptance.











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When done right, hospice care can lead to better overall quality of life as well as a higher level of satisfaction among both patients and caregivers alike. Our hospice professionals receive extensive training in holistic care to provide comfort, support and relief during the entire end-of-life process. In addition to the medications, equipment and supplies related to the terminal illness care, our support includes 24/7 accessibility, assistance with personal grooming and care, help with various daily tasks as well as emotional support. 



Is hospice the same as palliative care? Not exactly. Unlike hospice care, palliative care can be provided for non-terminal patients in their own homes. While hospice care is about comfort, palliative care is about relief. Hospice focuses on providing comfort to a patient with a terminal illness, while palliative care can aid anyone who's dealing with a chronic or life-limiting illness, even if it is not yet in the terminal stage. People who are actively receiving treatment for an illness can therefore also receive palliative care













Nursing – pain and symptom management

Social Services – resources and support

Chaplains – spiritual care

Physician – oversees care

Volunteers – hospice trained

Bereavement – 13 month program

Dietary Counseling

Physical/Occupational/Speech Therapy

Nursing Aides – Assistance with activities of daily living


Medical Directors

Each patient is assigned a medical director to oversee their care. This is done according to a specialized care plan, which is developed in close collaboration with the patient’s primary physician. 

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Primary Care Physician

Patients have the opportunity to choose their attending physician, who will then create and direct their care plan. Primary care physicians work closely with medical directors and the rest of the hospice team to ensure that their patients are receiving the highest standard of care. 

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Registered Nurses

Our team of skilled registered nurses provide compassionate care and support to all patients and their families.. They coordinate with the rest of the hospice team to ensure that the patient’s individualized care plan is being adhered to at all times. 

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Hospice Aides 

Our aides are not only capable of providing the best hands-on support to patients, but they're also skilled in handling more challenging situations, from checking patient vitals to providing physical assistance.

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Social Services 

Social workers help patients and their families with the emotional, social and financial stresses they go through when dealing with a terminal illness. By thoroughly assessing each patient and their unique needs, our social workers are able to provide direct support where it is needed most. 

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Spiritual Care 

Hospice chaplains provide spiritual guidance and counselling to patients and their loved ones, regardless of their religious affiliation or belief. Their mission is to provide patients with a comforting presence in their time of need.

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Bereavement Support

Bereavement services help families and loved ones to cope with their loss after a patient has passed away. We provide grief counselling and healing resources for up to 13 months after the patient's death with the goal of helping families to find peace and hope again.

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Our hospice volunteers not only provide much-needed respite for caregivers, but also bring joy to the patients and families they work with. They are able to assist with non-medical tasks and provide much-needed companionship to those who are lonely and isolated

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Medical Equipment & Supplies

Anova Hospice provides all the medication,  tools and supplies needed to create a comfortable and peaceful environment for those receiving end-of-life treatment.

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Physical / Occupational / Speech Therapy 

When end-of-life patients require additional care, hospice therapists can reduce their distress with supportive therapy that advocates for patients to retain their independence for as long as possible. 

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Anova Health Care System is a family-owned and operated company that provides high-quality hospice and community care as well as ongoing support to the terminally ill and their loved ones. We provide comprehensive end-of-life care for terminally ill patients in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and surrounding counties  Through empathy, care and compassion, we strive to ease the final days or weeks of life for our patients and their families. Our dedication to each patient means that we treat them and their families as if we were caring for family members of our own.

  • Do I qualify for home health services?
    In order to receive home care services,you must receive a written order for home health care by a doctor. Also, your care needs must be short term,not continuous, Finally, you must have a linited ability to leave your home or require considerable effort to do so.
  • How soon can i start services?
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  • Will you keep my doctor informed of my progress?
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Reach out to your doctor, pastor or other family members for advice when considering hospice care. When you inform your caregivers or family members about your interest in hospice care, they can help to connect you to a professional who understands the situation and can educate you on all of your options. 

Alternatively, you can speak to us directly.  We can help you to make the best choice for your unique situation, whether it's in-home or in a care facility near you. We will be with you every step of the way, taking care of all the details and allowing you to focus on what matters most: spending time with those you love until the end.



Palliative Care in Western Pennsylvania 


If you have a patient that is homebound or who you think may qualify for home care under any of the criteria listed, Anova Health Care System will complete an initial in-home physical assessment and evaluation. Our specialty-trained registered nurses will complete an extensive physical evaluation; obtain lab work, if needed and our staff will then relay all the necessary facts to assist the physician in making those important decisions.

For more information on an in-home assessment, or to meet with our Community Relations Representative to learn about any of our services, please call us at 1-888-ANOVA-11. 


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Is it time for hospice?

Answer these questions to determine if hospice care could help in your situation. Dealing with a serious, life-limiting illness is not easy. Anova Health can help by providing symptom management and support for both the family and caregivers.



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