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Mission, Vision & Values

OUR Mission


Anova Health Care System is on a mission to be the premier provider of patient-centered, compassionate care in home health, hospice and home care.

With our commitment to transparent communication, lifelong learning, and extensive training, our family-owned and operated agency is dedicated to touching lives and empowering patients and providers alike. Our approach to healthcare prioritizes our patients receiving dignified care in any setting as we strive to provide peace of mind for families and as much independence as possible for patients. This means that our staff is highly trained to respond to any emergencies that may arise, and our on-call management is always readily available. Every person on our dynamic team, from management to patient-servicing staff, is held to the highest standard of care, emphasizing the importance of sensitivity, empathy, and having a gentle, individualized approach to providing care.

OUR Vision

We envision expanding our services throughout Pennsylvania and beyond while maintaining a steadfast commitment to the principle upon which we were founded: providing cost-effective, intelligent, and compassionate care for all.

Our patients deserve the best care possible, which means that we strive to continue hiring compassionate, talented staff dedicated to improving their skills and prioritizing our patients' best interests. We look forward to cultivating a work culture that we are proud of, aiming to have one of the strongest employee retention rates for health organizations within Western PA. With this in mind, we remain dedicated to providing exceptional service to achieve our goal of being among the top 10% of quality care providers in hospice and home care nationwide.



Dignity and Respect

In recognizing our clients' unique physical, emotional, and spiritual needs, we strive to uphold the highest level of professionalism, emphasizing dignified care for our patients at all times. We aim to cultivate an environment where everyone feels valued, heard, and respected, including our clients, caregivers, visitors.

Empathy and Compassion

The foundation of our success as a leading care provider lies in our team's ability to empathize with our clients and remain compassionate, patient, and understanding while providing outstanding service. We're proud of the level of compassion we show to all who come into contact with our organization, from patients and family to other healthcare providers, maintaining that at the core of each one of us is a human who deserves gentle and personable care.

Dynamic Leadership

We emphasize the importance of leading by example, with a powerful belief that all team members are leaders in their own right and should remain committed to upholding our mission. We champion the notion that leadership is a daily decision that requires both bold and decisive action as well as a compassionate and understanding approach.


We are single-mindedly committed to providing the highest level of care to our clients. Our organization's hallmark is outstanding service as we position ourselves as the barometer for exceptional standards in healthcare. We regularly go above and beyond the call of duty to offer only the best to our clients and ensure that we continue to provide a trusted and recommended service.


We push the boundaries of possibility, open new doors, and remain on the cutting edge of innovation in patient care. We commit ourselves to continuous learning and training to provide the best possible care with the industry's latest methods, technologies, and approaches. This ensures that our clients receive the best that the hospice and home care fields have to offer.

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