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Companionship in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

When you have been the primary care-giver to a family member for months or years, it can be hard to pass care off to a third party. In Bonnie Ross’s case, she had been taking care of her mother for more than 2 years in her Greensburg home. She assisted her mother with showering, eating and moving around the house. However, taking care of her mother became increasingly more difficult, emotionally and physically, as her mothers abilities continued to decline.

Making the decision to have someone takeover primary care for her mother was a difficult one. Emotionally, Bonnie did not want to feel as if she was turning her back on her mother by transitioning to a professional caregiver. On the other hand, Bonnie recognized that taking care of her mother was emotionally exhausting – she wanted to have some time for herself. Was that reasonable?

The physical aspect of taking care of her mother was also weighing on Bonnie. It was slowly becoming increasingly more difficult to move her mother into, and out of, the shower and bed. Through a friend who is also a healthcare professional, Bonnie was referred to Anova to help with her mother’s care in her home. In one summary sentence she says, “I love Anova.”

Bonnie was astounded at the level of patient care as welt as the high-level of compassion provided by all of the Anova staff, including those who helped to take care of her mother. In her words, “I would peek around the corner to see how they interacted with my mother. They called her by name, they made her smile and they treated her like a human being.” She was just as impressed with the caring nature of the office staff.

Once Bonnie saw how the Anova staff interacted and cared for her mother, she was relieved. She was convinced that her mother would receive the same high-level of compassion that she had provided, along with extremely competent, skilled care. The emotional stress of transferring care to someone else was relieved. One of the key points that Bonnie recalls is the personal level at which the Anova staff interacted with her mother. “They asked how her day was going, they asked about her grandkids and they simply smiled when the were with her.”

Bonnie was also impressed with the level of communication between her and the various members of the Anova staff. The staff that attended to her mother reassured Bonnie that, not only were they there to help her mother but they were also there to help her. With each visit, they took time to communicate with Bonnie about her mother’s status. Bonnie became so trusting of the Anova staff that, there were times that she would not be home during their visits.

However, they were always sure to communicate in writing or by phone regarding any updates with her mother.