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As a Senior, Is Independent Living for You?

As a Senior, Is Independent Living for You?

As a provider of home care in Pennsylvania, we have several clients who are enjoying their golden years and reaping the rewards of their working years.

Some may find living alone and maintaining the house too tiring and opt for assisted living facilities. However, you can choose to maintain the dignity and quality of life independently through home health care or independent living communities. lists the following factors to consider if you plan to live independently:

  • Is it easy for you to maintain your current home?
    Do you have a large yard, several flights of stairs, or rarely used extra rooms?
  • Can you easily connect with friends and family?
    Nothing beats face-to-face human connection. Is it too difficult for you to drive by your friends and family or are they too busy?
  • How is your health (and the health of your spouse)?
    Do you have a health condition that makes it difficult to stay active? Will this affect your daily activities like washing, showering, and eating?

If you find it difficult to do any of these factors you may want to consider looking for home health care in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, such as Anova Health Care System.

You can receive the health care you need right in the comfort of your home. Other than health care, we also have personal care services inclusive of bathing, grooming, and activities of daily living.

If you have a serious illness that would need professional attention for symptom control, you may require hospice care. Our hospice team can help your family members care for you within comfortable surroundings through our hospice in Pittsburgh.

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